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Our Story:

Founded the Traders Group in the early 1980's as an International Affairs and Strategic Markets firm, spearheading the re-known American Spotlight business show documentaries televised to over 140 million viewers each week.  TGI has been servicng an impressive list of clients, providing marketing that targets market positions, competitions, external factors, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for trade (SWOT) analysis, budget and human capital resources, promotion, client relations, and evaluations are carefully considered in both brand and generic marketing.  Designing, developing and implementing high impact educational programs for clients from around the world, providing access to state-of-the-art markets knowledge to help clients become more competitive.  These programs eventually were incorporated by the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, the Options Clearing corporation, and where Ms. Garcia was brought in by Mr. George Sladoje, Vice President of the Chicago Board of Trade, to assist the CBOT open and structure these learning programs for a multitude of international clients that visited Ms. Garcia in Chicago every year.


       During the same time frame, Mr. Chris Manns was a pioneer in the designing of Agricultural Options and author of the very first Agricultural Options market reports at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1984, where Mr. Manns began his career at A.E. Staley inside the trading arenas.  Designing developing and implementing  hedging-risk management, protective programs and specialized educational programs for clients around the world. 


         In 1997 Traders Group Inc., was incorporated, when Garcia & Manns joined to launch a full service Brokerage firm, clearing with several leading FCMs, offering clients value-added boutique style services and a team of dedicated & experienced professionals, to help clients optimize their bottom line objectives with state-of-the art hedging tools. Chicago Traders Group, dba MANNS Traders, recently joined a prominent Professional Traders group and a world-class clearing firm with strong financial backing and first rate international presence.


     Since the early 1980's, TGI team together with sister firm at MANNS Traders has formed a prominent international network of world class visionary leaders and cross-cultural professionals, providing unique access to a wealth of resources for our client base.  Further enhancing client relationships through our educational programs that immerse participants into dynamic, high caliber learning experience and interactive exchanges, unique practical activites design to optimize trade initiatives & learning. While building deeper levels of understanding that help cement long-term extraordinary relationships.  For over 20 years, Traders Group, Inc. a diplomatic relations and Intl markets affairs arm, and Manns Traders, commodity brokers, have been in the cash markets, and inside the trading arenas of the Agricultural Exchanges. 

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