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MANNS Traders -Leadership

 "CARI",  Caridad Garcia-Manns , President /Founder |Markets Strategist

Cari is a thriving proprietary technical trader in capital formation for investment projects in agricultural, since 1984.  An entrepreneur running own business since the age of 17 yrs old.   In the early 80’s Cari successfully launched a management marketing firm spearheading the re-known American Spotlight business show documentaries televised to over 140 million viewers each week.  Cari's love of agriculture and her deep appreciation for the agricultural producers, took her to expanding her business into the international arena, and pursue the economics of agriculture, beginning by designing and developing high impact educational programs for International clients, while promoting the sector.


As a markets strategist and founder of MANNS TRADERS, a sister firm at the Traders Group Inc., she serves as the driving force for over 25 years.  Cari is a member of the Chicago Board of Trade–CME Group, a floor Broker and proprietary trader of the commodity markets.  A markets technical analyst and co-author of the “Traders Commodity Letter” that is distributed around the world.   Cari is the architect of a prominent international network comprised of world class visionary leaders in the agricultural-financial arenas, formed to optimize trade initiatives that build solid relationships through  unique learning experiences that create deeper levels of understanding.


During Cari's work serving as an International diplomatic affairs and markets strategist with some extraordinary people in the agricultural industry, found a dier need to handle risk exposure, she was inspired to create a gateway for all companies and businesses, small and large alike, to access markets knowledge, innovative tools, and supportive channels to a wealth of resources including to a committed team of visionary professionals who care, have high standards, and a service oriented mission in high quality standards, to form part the MANNS TRADERS team.


Caridad's studies include biology, physics, diverse business curricula and international leadership, practical and curricular course work, speaks, reads and writes Spanish & English.  Played in the Olympic soccer team ’72 selection, a scuba diver, plays golf, weight lifter, Caridad is an experienced Mexican food gourmet, enjoys cooking, reading, history, the anthropology of grains, travel world cultures and their foods. 

Christopher D Manns, Managing Director/Commodity Broker/Markets Analyst

      Christopher D. Manns, Managing Director, Manns Traders -CTGC, ( and of Traders Group, Inc. (  Mr. Manns, an economist, has been a commodities broker and member of the Futures Exchanges at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group for more than 20 years.  He is an agricultural economist and market research analyst, trusted source of skyrocketing commodity market intelligence in a couple of business radio shows and author of the Traders Commodity letter. Mr. Manns authored the very first Agricultural Options publication at the Chicago Board of Trade for customers world-wide, in an effort to show clients innovative risk management tools designed to help them become more competitive. He contributes his expert commentary to several media and news wire outlets, including media in 8 Latin American countries, the EU and Asian markets. He is also a cash grain renewable fuels specialist, promoting and developing new markets for clients as an international affairs liaison, and regularly hosting delegations of dignatories & leadership, private and government officials, from all over the world who vist him and his team in Chicago. Mr. Manns presents to large audiences on world economics and global outlook of the commodity markets, and he is an acclaimed International instructor of the markets in an array of specialty markets subjects. Mr. Manns serves as a special advisor to various world leaders on agricultural and financial/market matters since 1991. He is an NFA registered Broker and co-founder of a first rate boutique commodity brokerage services firm,, providing risk management and designing basic to very sophisticated options strategies and practical hedge solutions for clients around the world. Mr. Manns is member of several national and international organizations. He speaks, reads and writes Spanish and is conversant in Portuguese. A native of New York and an economics graduate from Catholic University, he has lived in Chicago since 1984.

Both are developers of “Teach them How to Fish”—to teach young people life skills and money management, as well as to perform several charitable activities with it's Agri Heritage Foundation, that includes work programs with local farmers to grow sweet corn for the city's less fortunate. Established to promote, build, preserve the great agricultural heritage, through real like experiences that educate, lead and inspire today's and future generations to learn and espouse the legacy of the American farmers' spirit of dedication with their good moral character,  values and their ingenuity that gave birth to the most powerful industries, born through the backbone of prosperous agricultural communities that built a great country.

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